How to Have the Ultimate Summer Lake Escape


Sometimes you need to dive into freshwater, man a canoe and catch some bluegills. Ditch the beach and escape to the lake this season with these tips on how to have a truly wild day on the water.

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1. Nail the High Jump

Here’s the move, after ensuring the water is deep and debris-free:

  • Visualize It: Know what you’re going to do and where you’re going to land, then in your mind play out the jump successfully.
  • Feet First: Even pro high divers largely avoid head-first entries—so you should, too.
  • Relax: Do some sort of simple move in the air with your arms. This will keep you from freezing up.
  • Keep it Tight: Just before entering the water, bring your legs together and hold your arms against your side.
  • Exhale: As you hit the water, blow out through your nose to prevent lake water from flushing your brain.

2. But Know When to Get Out

Hypothermia is among the most common causes of death outdoors, and not just in wintertime. Lakes in the northern U.S. regularly stay within the 60- to 70-degree range in summer. At those temps, hypothermia symptoms can set in within an hour. Keep an eye out for shivering, blue lips, and slurred speech. If you display these signs, get out, dry off, and warm yourself up until they subside.

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