Fantastic Fitness and Athleisure Deals Right Now at Nordstrom


We don’t blame you if Nordstrom isn’t the among the first names that come to mind when you think “activewear” or “fitness gear.” But it should be. Known more for its fashion and style, Nordstrom has an amazing selection of athleisure apparel, much of it for far less than you’d pay direct—or even at a big-box retailer.

So get over to Nordstrom today and check it out. We’ve done some digging for you, and found some fantastic deals on fitness gear and athleisure wear at Nordstrom.

Look, workout apparel is expensive. So to find great deals like this is a total score. Sure, there are a bunch of off-brands you can buy. They’ll look almost as good, and work almost as well. But if you’re serious about your gym time, and you’re serious about achieving your fitness goals, you need every edge you can find. And that means gear that works as hard as you do.

Nordstrom Has Athleisure?

It sure does. Stalwart brands like Nike, adidas, and Under Armour are all present and accounted for. And there’s an awesome selection of upstarts and newcomers like Rhone and Reigning Champ.

You want performance gear? Nordstrom has it. From moisture-wicking gym shorts and shirts to natural and breathable Merino wool joggers, Nordstrom’s selection of high-tech apparel is up there with any top-flight specialty store’s. And it’s a better shopping experience, because you can compare different brands and styles all in one place.

We were particularly impressed with the wide selection of running and cross-training shoes at Nordstrom. This is serious athletic footwear, not some haughty haute couture designed to look like real activewear that can truly take a pounding.

Best of all, at Nordstrom you always get free shipping, and returns are a breeze. So don’t settle for off-brand knockoffs. Get over to Nordstrom today and get your body in the activewear you want and need.

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