Backcountry Tips for the Ultimate Wilderness Weekend


There’s no better time for a wilderness weekend than summer, when you can make s’mores over a crackling fire, pop open a can of wine fresh from the cooler, and sit back under a sky blanketed with stars.

To make the most of your time outdoors, here are some tips to take your backcountry excursion from simple to sublime.

Venture Into the Wilderness on These 3 Backpacking Trips

1. See the Light

A dedicated light that you can hang in your tent will make your campsite feel more comfortable come dusk and help inside the tent feel more like a proper bedroom than a nylon coffin. Plus, if you take an evening walk (or need to relieve yourself), you can turn it on and easily find your way back to the glowing orb. A Goal Zero Light-a-Life is a good option, but most any hangable electric lantern should do.

2. Shoot the Stars

The biggest problem with photographing the moon or the night sky on an iPhone is image exposure: The camera won’t automatically adjust its settings to account for all that blackness. But you can work around this by simply tapping the screen to set the focus, then swiping down. You’ll see a sun icon on the exposure slider, and the image will darken as you swipe. For best results, use a small tripod.

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